Im Andrew Greene and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I spend most of my time painting, making jewelry, shedding light on ignored issues with my quick wit, and taking endless photos of my dog. I’ve been doing my own thing since I was a toddler and my gender expression was where it all started. Creating art through mixed media is an extension of my identity. My work cannot be kept within the constraints of one medium or style, art is a way to show my personality, tell a story, and convey life’s lessons in a different way than our society’s western standards. Being an artist isn’t limited to the canvas, but embodies all aspects of my life. Whether it be my manner, style, or the current playlist I’m curating. They all speak to who I am and how I experience life. The fascination all began with painting the world I imagined, and, through that, art has liberated me from reprimand of the world in the face of being a black queer survivor.